French TV Drama on Mysterious Iranian Embassy Translator
05-Jun-2012 (2 comments)

French TV drama tells the story of Wahid Gordji variously portrayed by others as the No. 2 man at the embassy, an adept businessman and a link to Iran’s secret service and groups attracted to Iran’s Islamic revolutionary government. The events took place amidst the French Coabitation during which Socialist President François Mitterand was sharing power with his right wing opponent Jacques Chirac as his Prime Minister. Gordji was to seek refuge at the Iranian Embassy in Paris and after a 5 month ordeal what was to become known as the « embassy war » ended with a swapping of Gordji in exchange for French hostages in Lebanon. Roger Auque and Jean-Louis Normandin were freed by a shadowy Shiite group, the Revolutionary Justice Organization, after 10 months and 20 months, respectively, in captivity.

The Film Stars : Pascal Bonitzer (Pandraud), André Marcon (Pasqua), Michel Duchaussoy (Mitterrand), Thierry Lhermitte (Chirac), Pierre Trividic (Raimond), Pascal Bongard (Chalandon) © Canal+

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Darius Kadivar

Mardom Mazloom jan Very True

by Darius Kadivar on

But Each country has it's own interests in the end of the day. We can deplore it but we can't blame them. In there shoes we would do the same.

Politics is not about liking one's Cheshmo Abroo ...

It all boils down to opportunity ... 

On a global scale it's about defending your own country's interests. 

Can a given politician serve our long or short term interests or not. 

Depending on the global dynamics you choose who can be a potential ally ...

But One should never confuse an Ally with a Friend ... 


Even in their own Party they ended up fighting one another. PAsqua joined Edouard Balladur and so did Sarkozy but ultimately Chirac was re elected.


But today between the Socialists ready to cut deals with the Mullahs :


Ex French socialist PM "private" Tehran visit Embarrasses Newly Elected Hollande


and Sarkoy I would choose Sarkozy any day ...


FRENCHIES: Shervin Janani-Amouzgar, UMP Militant, Supports Nicholas Sarkozy's Re Election


But ultimately when it comes to Iran's future I don't count on any of them ...


Because in Politics you NEVER have friends ... Only Short lived allies ... 


But that has nothing to do with French people or even their politicians who can be honest on a national level and even likeable ...

If Iran was a democracy and you had to deal with rogue states well our government would be expected to act based on what is in the interest of our people and nation's economic interests on the long run.

It's cynical but it's a reality ! 


Mardom Mazloom

Darius jaan,

by Mardom Mazloom on

It was Charles Pasqua (Chirac's right wing minister of interior) who let the terrorist leave the French territory after that the satanic republic signed a juicy contract with Peugeot! UMP (RPR) or PS have no human considerations: they are all the same when it comes to money.