Report: Ten members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard die mysteriously
23-May-2012 (3 comments)

Moreover, the report describes the recent death of General Ahmed Mansouri, allegedly due to a heart attack.

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Guard die

by jmyt17 on


Good News, ten dirt is not among us any more, but still lot in Iran.

Hope one day we hear that happening to  khameni and his suppoter. Need a music like a Naghi For Khamenei. 



چو دارند گنج از سپاهی دریغ!




زر بده مرد سپاهی را تا سر بنهد

وگرش زر ندهی، سر بنهد در عالم

چو دارند گنج از سپاهی دریغ

دریغ آیدش دست بردن به تیغ

چه مردی کند در صف کار زار

که دستش تُهی باشد و کار زار 


- گلهائی از گلستان سعدی


This is exwctly what I hoped for

by Simorgh5555 on

Let the IR implode. Israel amd the USA could help by staging other assassinations whixh would lead to recriminations and reprisals on both sides. The turmoil and rivaly between the different factions of the IR should be exploited to maximum effect to the point the regime can no longer depend on its military and security forces to sustain it. Once a situation of utter chaos evolves there will be another insurrection by the Iranian people hopefully backed up by surgical strikes on any government forces that targets the people. This is exactly what I mean by SMART military action.

1) Divide
2) Exploit
3 Kill