Iran plot to kill Saudi envoy in Cairo foiled: reports
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01-May-2012 (8 comments)

AFP - Egyptian security services foiled an Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Cairo several months ago, the legal advisor of the kingdom's embassy said in local dailies on Tuesday.

Egypt "arrested three Iranians planning to assassinate the ambassador, Ahmed Qattan," Al-Hayat quoted Sami Jamal as saying.

"Egyptian authorities informed concerned parties at the Saudi foreign ministry of the details of the plot, but the Saudi side opted to keep silent on the matter," Jamal said. The arrests were made three months ago.

"Everybody was concerned that foreign parties would exploit demonstrations by some (Egyptians) outside the embassy (in Cairo) to attack members of the mission," Al-Sharq daily quoted him as saying.

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Some must remain where they are

by Thought on

Our office maintenance guy is very sweet. He has 10th grade education and believes that education kills the brain; saying this everyday while he cleans my office floor. I concur. If every individual was to think and learn then we wouldn’t have order takers and my maintenance guy would ask for more money.

Thought agrees that if you are not too smart and educated you still should feel good about not knowing. Thought knows that people of all sorts are needed so others can continue doing their important work.

Thought encourages order takers to believe that common sense comes from eyes and ears alone and nothing more is needed. I have told my maintenance man that I have not gotten a raise for over seven years so why should he? as I have not bought any new furniture. He could read company policy and demand a raise but he is more of a common sense kind of guy. He is such a sweetheart and very hard working.



by Raoul1955 on

Slightly intelligent folks should NOT believe what the Harvard profs have written:

And, of course, you should NOT believe what you see in your daily life either. 
So says Raoul.


اینهم تفاوت فرهنگیه!



سخنگوی وزارت امور خارجه این مساله را تفاوت فرهنگی دانست و گفت چون در مصر امکانات استخر مختلط وجود نداره این سوع تفاهم پیش آمده!


Study in Harvard review

by Thought on

Reasonable doubt. Thought's recommended study:

prerequisite: English; slight brain activity. Open mind is recommended


islamic republic= a failed state

by mousa67 on

they fail in every thing. even terrorism which is the only thing they used to be good at.

but they are good cyber jihadists! 

Iran 2050

That's what you get when

by Iran 2050 on

That's what you get when you let IRI get away with 30 years of murder, terrorism, chaos causing, exporting fundamentalism and initiating a clash of civilization amongst nations. This is what you get when some Iranians refuse to blame IRI for creating essentially a non-Islamic fundamentalism (I refuse to call it Islamic fundamentalism because nothing that IRI does has anything to do with true Islam) and when they blame IRI-inspired mini groups like Al Qaeda for terrorism.

This is what you get. If IRI was dealt with 30 years ago and if the world would stop blaming others for fundamentalism, this would never occur.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

First foiled plot in D.C   Failed

Then in Bangkok             Failed

Then in Bombay              failed

then Ankara                     failed

now cairo                           failed

what's next ?

Tehran Target                   Missed;Oops!



 Tabrik. A state of

by vildemose on


A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.