Iranian diplomat accused of Brazil child molestation
20-Apr-2012 (26 comments)

Brazil says it will seek an explanation from Iran after an Iranian diplomat was accused of molesting underage girls at a swimming pool in Brasilia.

The Iranian official was questioned by police following complaints from parents but released after invoking diplomatic immunity.

Iran's embassy denied the allegations, and said they were the result of a "cultural misunderstanding".

Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota called them "very worrying".

The un-named Iranian diplomat was accused of inappropriately touching girls between 9 and 15 years old at a pool in a private club last weekend, Brazilian media reported.

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Where are all these anti-lumpenism females in IC to condemn this

by fanoos on

shameless behavior? I would castrate these IRR pedophiles and ship'em back to the land of bachehbaz! God damn these SoBs! This made me angry and now I have to go and beat up my husband!


The father of one of the

by Simorgh5555 on

The father of one of the girls told the G1 website that the diplomat was almost lynched by angry parents before security staff intervened.

"People wanted to kill him," the unnamed father said.

Then spare a thought for the tens of thousands of Iranian parents who have had their children kidnapped, raped, tortured, imprisoned and executed at the hand of thugs which this terrorist diplomat represents.


mr. ahmadinejad's mamoor: i didnt click on the link

by mousa67 on

you provided in case it took me to a child porn site.

but there is a difference between mr. katsav's case and this,  that you are obviously unabke to comprehend. that is mr. kastav's victim was a grown up woman whereas the victims of your "dipolomat" were children. you see here in the civilised world we have laws to protect our children against sexual perverts. so watch it.


Shazde Asdola Mirza

"cultural misunderstanding"?

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

As in Islam, a follower of Mohammad can do it to a 7 year old, as he used to do?

Oon Yaroo

Didn't MooHamhead condon this act 1400 years ago?

by Oon Yaroo on

Why are you guys so riled up about this event? It's part and parcel of IzLamb! Live with it!


perverts come in all colors

by مآمور on

My favorite one used to be a president! he got kicked out of office for his alleged sexual misconduct with a female employe, however, the ex-president claims to be victim of racism due to his Iranian background


I wear an Omega watch



by yolanda on

"If IRI did that, there would be no one left in the embassies."


Sorry, I am not supposed to laugh......but I can't help it!

Thank you, Divaneh!

Seriously, I hope it is not true that he is allowed to do the same thing in Iran!


Cultural difference

by divaneh on

It is cultural differnece indeed. In Iran he does it in total immunity and no one can stand back to him. Pity Brazil is different.


If IRI did that, there would be no one left in the embassies.



by yolanda on

Hi Vildemose,

    The "cultural misunderstanding" defence is bull!

Here is more detail about the perpetrator:

Ghorbani, who is over 50 years old, is the third in the hierarchy of the Iranian embassy in Brasilia. The embassy confirms that he is a member of the diplomatic corps, and has been in Brazil for nearly two years. The club also declined to comment on the incident.


IRI needs to weed out child molestors from their embassies!

P.S. Obama's bodyguards have their problem, too!


 Yolanda: That is not part

by vildemose on

 Yolanda: That is not part of Iranian culture. However, it is part and parcel of fundamentalist Islam and terrorist Islamists like Khomeinist of IRI leadership and wahabis of Al-queda and SA.

This man's name should be entered in the international and local sex offenders registry as soon as possible. 

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.



by yolanda on

Here is the detail:

Ten girls, aged 9 and 15, were swimming in a neighborhood club, the South Wing, and four of them reported that Ghorbani, swimming, approached to touch the private parts of the girls while diving.

According to a report of those responsible for the minors, one of the girls, aged 14, realized that the Iranian had touched other girls and asked him to stop. She went to tell the lifeguard of the club, who ordered the closure of the pool. The father of one of the girls, Fernandes José Roberto Rodrigues, returned to the pool and tried to attack Ghorbani.
Deputy Police Chief Johnson Miller, who took the complaint, confirmed the reports, but despite the clear facts, Ghorbani was released for having diplomatic immunity.

"We note that this gentleman is part of the diplomatic mission of Iran in Brasilia. In this position, he was under the cloak of diplomatic immunity. We made a record of the occurrence. We will forward it to the Foreign Ministry. If he were an ordinary person, he would be charged under Article 217 A, for rape of minors, with a penalty of 8 to 15 years in prison. "



IRI said the incident is due to "cultural misunderstanding" according to their logic it is OK to fondle girls under water in Iran and the dude did not know that it is not OK to touch the under-aged girls in rest of the world ?!


pedophilia is legal in Islam

by vildemose on

Age of marriage is 9 in Islam. So, the diplomat is sort of right when he invokes the "cultural differences" excuse.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Sheila K

was he a former interrogator?

by Sheila K on

he was probably a former filthy disgusting interrogator promoted to a diplomatic job-- if so, then his behavior should be of no surprise to us.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

No. crocodiles don't to the twist. do they? hmm. got to do my research on that one.

given that is the case, which i know it is and this is guys is so way high up there, that proves my point that there is a certain percentage who choose to go that way and he belongs to that group, just so happens that this time around he has some immunity.

HG. you are so generalizing and you are so unbelieveably wrong. people in iran do not give a flying freck as to what is divinely enshrined and legitimized in the books, that is such a low blow to the people. I know you hate the iri but don't take it out on the people. so are you saying that the great majority of iranians are sheep and robots and just follow what they see without thinking it through? You really do think they get "desensitized" to their plights REALLY???

Again, i know it is morally abnormal and all that, but you don't seem to see where i was going with my previous argument. right or wrong nothing happens until someone gets caught. do you really think that the fear of law stops joe six pack way deep down in some little town in alafreakingbama from grabbing little sara's hands take her to the back of the cabin and do all the nasty things to her? and what are the chances that he gets caught being made to pay for it and be charged with it? are you gonna tell me nothing like that happens over there, not in this day and age?

Laws do not dictate what is or is not legitimate in any country whatsoever. people have morals, and like i said jerks and assholes are everywhere doing the things they should not do. specially in iran where people could not give a rats ass for what is prescribed.

Dude , didn't you just get back from visiting iran??!!

hamsade ghadimi

dm, in debating, you twist

by hamsade ghadimi on

dm, in debating, you twist more than a crocodile when it attacks a prey in open waters.  to be a government employee or an academic in a university in iri, one has to pass religious tests and submit to the islamic code of iri.  this official hoghoogh-begir is vetted through iri's "cultural" ministry and not just a run-of-the-mill perv one can find in any country.  remember, not only this guy has political immunity in brazil, he also has immunity in iri: same as all the criminals running iri.

furthermore, whether one believes in the perverted laws of iri or not, when sexual abuse is "divinely" legitimized in a country, people in general become desensitized to the plight of said children.  back to my previous argument, this type of behavior is considered morally abnormal in the west and is legally punished.  in iri, these urges are considered normal (by islamic law) and may or may not be punished by law (in the case someone in power, no way he'll be punished).  va sallam.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

ba sepas...sepas az mast! I have just completed my fifth session of basic french so why don't you cut me some slacks!:)

You have come again to not build with us:)) this is not the tradition! 

I did say that the stpid laws that are in the books in iran which are based on some BS, are not deemed appropriate by the majority of people, and only by a certain opportunistic minority who were borrn with a gene for committing perverted acts and these "laws" are just the perfect excuse for them.  I mean do they carry any credibility in your eyes?

I never said there are no laws against such acts in western countries but yet at the same time consider what percentage of those who engage in these acts get caught! an honest to goodness look will tell you not that big a percentage! It usually comes into the open when a politican or an official is being framed, so they will bring this thing up to spice matter up.

just because it supposedly written into law in iran or other islamic countries, it does not naturally follow that it is a culturally accepted thing and very prevalent.

hamsade ghadimi

dm, tell me in which

by hamsade ghadimi on

dm, tell me in which non-islamic country one can marry a 9-year old.  there are laws against sexual acts with minors in western countries while there are laws legitimizing sexual acts with minors in iri.  n'est-ce pas?

Dr. Mohandes

Man naboodam...dastam bood...??? no?

by Dr. Mohandes on

Fact that this was by all accounts a disgusting and despicable action is an agreed upon fact and is well understood. But this DOES happen in all other countries and HOLD ON...before you jump all over me, i am not saying this just to make it look all rational and okay, but that is just how it is. 

hamsade jan

This is written into the law books of IRI as much as it is in the US and other countries. What percentage of US ordinary citizens and officials do you think get prosecuted or get penalized for committing such perverted acts, unless it gets really bad and becomes a major stink where there is really nothing else that can be done about it!!!

And no it is not a cultural thing or culturally accepted in iran! who says? whoes cultural values dictate that such stupid and crude acts are acceptable and should be practiced??? Sorry to break it to you but viewing a 9 year old girl as a sex object sadly and unfortunately does happen all over the world so yes it is a universal thing!

Look i am not trying to defend the retarded constitution and laws of this country, but if you think that people really believe and act upon any piece of crap that they see be it based on tozih ol masael or not, you are really shortchanging your folks.

That is all! Now back to you!


mr. thought: call me a "bastard" if you wish.

by mousa67 on

name calling and big talk on internet is your ilk's "undeniable right"  :)

but dont try what this guy  did at your local swimming pool unless you are also a "diplomat". otherwise the consequences would be much more severe than getting blocked from and coming back with a rather "imaginative" new user id.


hamsade ghadimi

"there are no cultural

by hamsade ghadimi on

"there are no cultural differences" my foot.  if viewing 9-year olds sexually (as it's done in islamic culture) and acting upon those sexual urges are universal, then i'd say there are no cultural differences.  one must be a tool to think there are no cultural differences between iri and brazil.  perversion towards girls in iri is not only accepted culturally, it is allowed in the laws of the country.  the founder of this evil regime even excuses away sexual acts on infants (see tozih-almasael).  and please don't give examples of illegal acts in other countries toward minors to excuse away acts which would be deemed legal or "understandable" in iri.


Disgusting and horrible

by Thought on

To those bastard criminals and their kinds from the other end, aka m_67


تفاوت دیپلمات های دیروز و امروز




در زمان شاه دیپلمات ایرانی با الیزابت تیلور بیرون میرفت و در دوره حکومت اسلامی دیپلمات ایرانی در استخر نونهالان دختر بچه هارو میمالونه!

واقعا که گل کاشتید. حالا باز بگین بیان با اینا مذاکره کنین.

Arash Kamangir

The list of corruption is long

by Arash Kamangir on

This is another proof how corrupt the IR regime is. It reminds of Mr. Tabatabai who was khomeinis son of law and was arrested with 4 kilo of opium in Germany in 80's.


islamist terrorists are child molesters & women abusers .

by mousa67 on

at times of peace.

and at times of war they hide behind women and children.

Mohammad Ala

Brazilians should punish the idiot.

by Mohammad Ala on

Bad behavior such as this and stealing to use another example are universal.  There are no cultural differences. 


This report just made my day

by Simorgh5555 on

This report just made my day!
A cultural misunder-fuckin'-standing indeed!
Can't blame the IR when girls as young as 9 are married off. If it was acxeptable for the Prophet Mohammed to marry a nine year old then it is perfectly acceptable for a perverted diplomat to grope minors I assume.