Nuclear Chess
Veterans Today / Stephen Lendman

.... Moreover, forcing Tehran alone to comply with conditions not imposed on other civilian nuclear countries exposes the hypocrisy of America’s agenda and what’s really behind it. It’s not Iran’s nuclear program. It’s Washington’s hegemony plans and determination to replace independent states with client ones.   ......

At the same time, he, like other Tehran officials, expressed opposition to “weapons of mass destruction.” In the 1980s, when Iraq attacked Iran with chemical arms, “we did not retaliate” the same way. Its nuclear program fully complies with NPT provisions. It has no “military dimension.” No evidence suggests it.

He hoped Istanbul talks would resolve differences, end suspicions, and produce trust. He urged all sides to “make genuine efforts” to try.

At the same time, he knows what Iran faced for decades. Discussions for one or two days won’t change things. One side can’t resolve issues without a willing partner. Washington’s hardline stance hasn’t changed.

Nor has its quest to replace all independent states with client ones. At issue is unchallenged global dominance. Much more than diplomacy is needed to change that position. Istanbul won’t budge it.

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