Brzezinski: on Iran and Israeli Nukes
The Council for The National Interest - Veterans Today / Debbie Menon

Veterans Today - I think Brzezinski’s geopolitical views are generally accurate. I am aware that most do not like him very much because of his controversial past, support for the Shah long after the Revolution succeeded, etc. but his recent more sane assessments of America’s national interests are a useful corrective to the menacing militarism of the foreign policy hijacked by Zionist elites, and warmongers.

He understands that politics is about dealing with the circumstances and reality of the times.

I think B’ski is a man who has grown mature and changed with the season as he mellows and ripens with age… unlike Henry Kissinger who froze himself in a liquid nitrogen bath of Zionist cant and dogma and he has grown unflexible and impervious to change. He will not mellow and mature with age… he will simply rot from within a la Ariel Sharon!

Listen to this compelling interview. What struck me most was Brzezinski’s calm, dispassionate analysis of the global strategic dynamics in play, and especially of the Middle East. Horror of horrors (at least to AIPAC and their like), he even mentioned Israel’s nuclear capability and the fact that an Israeli attack on Iran would prompt an Iranian response against the US, for its “compli... >>>

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