Mirkarimi Speaks Out, Citing ‘Runaway Train of Innuendo’
New York Times
13-Apr-2012 (7 comments)

Mr. Mirkarimi and his wife, Eliana Lopez, said Thursday that they blame their travails on a neighbor who they said misrepresented herself as a lawyer, as well as a series of “media distortions.” Mr. Mirkarimi bruised Ms. Lopez’s arm during a heated New Year’s Eve argument in front of their toddler son.

In exclusive interviews with The Bay Citizen, Mr. Mirkarimi said he had been denied his constitutionally protected right to due process by being prevented from telling his side of the story, even as “a runaway train of innuendo and rumor” in the news media led to his suspension.

Ms. Lopez, speaking by telephone from Caracas, where she and her son, Theo, are visiting relatives, repeated her contention that a political conspiracy was behind the couple’s financial hardship, forced separation and public disgrace.

“They don’t want Ross to become too powerful, and they’re doing whatever they can to inflict more pain,” said Ms. Lopez, a former Venezuelan television actress. “This is completely wrong. I love Ross. And we have to keep on fighting.”

Mr. Mirkarimi is fighting his suspension without pay and possible dismissal by Mr. Lee on a charge of official misconduct.

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by yolanda on

Here is the latest from SF Gate:

Mirkarimi's wife seeks longer stay in Venezuela


"Lopez was granted permission by a family court judge last month to take the couple's 2-year-old son for a monthlong visit to see her ailing father.

The court order that cleared the way for Lopez to go to Venezuela also allowed Mirkarimi to return to the family's Western Addition home. If she returns, he has to leave again under the terms of a stay-away edict.

"With everything that is going on, it's just safer and more financially secure at this point for her to stay with her family," Canny said. "I think Ross supports whatever is best for the family."

Read more: //www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/04/14/BANN1O33BQ.DTL#ixzz1s4w77b6P

G. Rahmanian

Let's not forget!

by G. Rahmanian on

Let's not forget there was talk of suing Mrs. Mirkarimi by the criminal neighbors who called the police and made the case public! If she does come back, things are not going to be that easy for them.

Mohammad Ala

I agree

by Mohammad Ala on

I agree with the comments posted:

Hire good lawyer, criminal lawyer, haha!!

Stop talking to media.

Get together with your wife and remain together.

How about starting some fund raising for Mirkarimi?  Please count me in.


In my view

by Faramarz on

At this point, Eliana should get back to the Bay Area with their son and start the family counseling so that the court can lift the restraining order and Mirkarimi can move back to his house and be with his family.

A happy and supportive family can do a lot more for Mirkarimi than all these other things.



by yolanda on

He has 2 lawyers.....his wife keeps writing "open love letters" supporting him from Venezuela!

Sheila K

he should shut up and a get a good lawyer to represent him!

by Sheila K on

Mr. Mirkarimi should stop talking and explaining his private relationship with his wife to the media. He should've never talked especially at this point. he should work with a savvy, nasty, dirty lawyer  to counter attack and turn the table on the racists conspirators that wanted him out.



by yolanda on

Thank you for posting! Let's see what happens and if he can get his job back!