Sanctions or strike: Five Israeli experts weigh in on Iran / Shlomo Cesana
12-Apr-2012 (2 comments)

 A poll commissioned this week by the Jerusalem Center
for Public Affairs, the think tank headed by Dore Gold, indicates that
60 percent of the Israeli public believes the only way to stop Iran is
by means of a military strike.




israeli professors do not LOL on internet. they pre empt.

by mousa67 on

anybody else interested in a sight seeing tour of our HQ in tel aviv?


How Fanatical your Stupid "Experts" Can Get?

by ShirOjan on

WOW! What an Amazing Example of  the CRUDENESS of  the ISSIE "EXPERTS" PROJECTING their own Fanaticism and Irrationality On to the Iranians, the M.E. and the Americans!


To the Critical Thinker they don't make much sense. They commit many logical fallacies.


With the "academicians" like these FOOLS, no wonder the 60% Issie population are so hopelessly brain-washed and more than usual paranoid-schitzoids.


Also can't expect anything less than this rubbish from a fanatical religious "think tank" masquerading as, stated under their picture, "we are ealist , not just Conservative."


They surely match their fanatical counterparts in Iran. It's very scary!!!