Russia Is Massing Troops On Iran's Northern Border And Waiting For A Western Attack
Business Insider
10-Apr-2012 (one comment)

The Russian military anticipates that an attack will occur on Iran by the summer and has developed an action plan to move Russian troops through neighboring Georgia to stage in Armenia, which borders on the Islamic republic, according to informed Russian sources.


Russian Security Council head Viktor Ozerov said that Russian General Military Headquarters has prepared an action plan in the event of an attack on Iran.

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Thanks for sharing this

by Arthimis on

Thanks for sharing this ...

That's why I despise Putin & Russia's Foreign Policy ... Since his rise to power in 1999, he might have done great things domestically for Russia, but on foreign policy end, his no.1 money maker has been Iran!! He has defended Islamic Republic at all costs and provided anything possible to quash any Iranian uprising (mainly in 2009 in which many Iranians were massacred ) against their ruling criminal regime... and of course in exchange for Iran losing it's 50% share of Caspian Sea's Oil & Gas , Selling trillions $$$ of weapons to I.R., Charging Billions of $ for an Nuclear plant in Bushehr (still unfinished after 30 years!!!) and the horrific list goes on... They have milked Iran's wealth dry that is equal to Multi Trillions of $$$ and growing by the minute at the expense of Iranians living under complete dictatorship & tyranny and having a terrorist regime in charge to also threat the Western World!!! Go Figure ...