Enlisting Michelle Obama - and the American Public - to Stop War on Iran
Common Dreams | Report / By Medea Benjamin, Rae Abileah

Faced with the specter of a catastrophic war, groups like CODEPINK are putting pressure on politicians—and their wives—to use diplomacy.

Despite restrictions, the Israeli organizers say that in one week, 33,000 Iranians visited the new website they created,Israel Loves Iran., and the facebook page is peppered with comments from Iranians.

This exchange has now gone global, with people around the world—including many Americans—sending in heartwarming videos, photos and messages. CODEPINK is contributing to this campaign by launching a new site, www.weloveiran.org, that allows people to upload their own photo and superimpose a message on the picture, post it to their Facebook, tweet it, and share it with friends. Some of the images will become larger than life when projected on the Capital and State Department buildings later this month.

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