Ross Mirkarimi's wife gives her side of story
San Francisco Gate / Eliana Lopez
06-Apr-2012 (43 comments)

In my home country of Venezuela, I am Eliana Lopez. I am a person who is respected both personally and professionally. I am an actress. I am the mother of Theo by good fortune. And I am married to Ross Mirkarimi. But in San Francisco, I am known only as the sheriff's wife.

Now that I have been home in Venezuela to be close to my father and family, I have been able to reflect on what has transpired over the last few months. I would like to share my experience with you.

Being in Venezuela for the last 20 years has been like completing a master's degree in politics, with takeovers, and seeing the power of the media to both report and shape events. I have spent 10 years here working in a powerful media network. I know how the media can create and influence public opinion to justify political actions. I saw that from the inside in 2002, when the privileged class used the media to justify a takeover of a democratically elected president and appointed one of their own to lead our country. I am shocked to witness the same formula being applied to my husband. In Spanish it is Golpe de Estado (coup d'etat), and that is what is happening to Ross.

My husband and I had a very emotional misunderstanding about potential custody issues at a time when our relationship was struggling. I have never been afraid for my safety in the presence of my husband, or for the safety of my son. What I do fear is the mischaracterization of the events as a basis to remove my husband ... >>>

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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


There is nothing strange about this and anyone in a relation knows it. It is very possible to be in love and get a divorce. Being in love is an emotion and does not mean two people are able to live with each other.

Anyway you are right about it being sad but I am not sure the marriage is gone. Maybe it is. Regarding the charges I bet Madison had more to do with them than we heard. She appears to have been the one with the video idea. I wonder if it was her who came up with the idea of the bruise as well. Meanwhile a man is destroyed on no evidence at all. I'd take a redneck cop over the liberal SF any day.



by yolanda on

Thank you, Nazy, for posting this article!

Eliana Lopez' story is full of contradictions. On one hand, she said she loves Ross; on the other hand, she talked about custody fight!

To my understanding, custody fight is something to do with don't get along with your spouse, you have irreconcilable differences with your spouse, you have to split with your spouse, and then you have a custody fight!

If you got along with your spouse and you & your spouse have lived harmoniously, you don't need to split and you don't need to fight over the custody of your child.

It is very obvious that Ross and Eliana have had stormy relationship.......Eliana has been thinking of divorce for a while....she has been documenting the altercations and preparing for the inevitable divorce and custody fight!

I am not too surprised that their marriage unravelled! According to my understanding, Ross was with another Latina gal, Christina Flores.......and then he went to Venezuela for a conference and had a one-night stand (not the furniture, nightstand) with Eliana and impregnated her......they hastily got married after their love child was born....the fact is that they don't know each other that well......


Here is excerpt from SFBG:

"Eliana Lopez came to San Francisco from Venezuela with hope in her head and love in her heart. She decided to leave behind her beautiful city of Caracas, a successful career as an actress, and her family and friends, following the dream of creating a family and a life with a man she had fallen in love with but barely knew, Ross Mirkarimi."


Now, Ross has a broken family and is jobless! The whole thing is tragic!

Very sad!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


This was a political joke and done by his enemies. He and Lopez make plenty of mistakes and are paying for it.

Dear Dr. Ala: I guess Lopez was scared of Gascon and the San Francisco gang. Now in safety of Venezuela is able to speak without worry. Remember Gascon refuesed to give her immunity. He might have prosecuted her for "perjury" if she did not lie and implicate her husband. What I saw here was the most disgusting show of political and judicial corruption. San Francusco takes the prize for the most sickening city I know. Read the blogs on SFGate to really get sick.

Sheila K

@faramarz- sorry but disagree

by Sheila K on

his biggest mistake was not getting the dirtiest and the savviest lawyer like (someone like Alan Dershowitz).

instead he got a female lawyer thinking it may help his case. he didn't play by the rules (as in rules of the game). 

I think the wife feels guilty cause she ruined his life, but I don't believe in her sincerety.  


Mirkarimi's Mistakes

by Faramarz on

Eliana Lopez is a great wife and a wonderful person and is doing her best to help the family out of this situation. She has also been honest about the issues that her marriage had faced from day one.

Ross Mirkarimi, to his credit has acknowledged his problems and is going to address them going forward. However, as an ex-policeman and a politician who should have known better, he has made two fundamental mistakes that has allowed the “System” to put him and his family in the situation that they are in.

First, once the news got out and he was booked, he came out and said, “It is a private family matter.” Physical abuse (especially in front of a child) is not only “not a private matter”, also it is not up to the victim to decide if a bruise or a slap or a punch constitutes an abuse. He, as a cop and the sheriff should have known that.

Secondly, he should have immediately acknowledged his issues, sought help and entered a plea bargain. He could have been back at his job a few weeks later and the community would have been behind him and his family and would have given him their support as he was going through the recovery process. He allowed the “System” to take over the process and once that happens, you lose control.

At this point, he has to wait and see if the Ethics Commission agrees with the Mayor which seems likely, and after that the Board of Supervisor will determine his fate.

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Thanks for the laugh. I spent a quiet day at home today and didn't meet anyone, so I needed the laugh badly.

Do Not Shoot Me

G. Rahmanian

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G. Rahmanian


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I just hope you either know what you're wishing for or you're not an Iranian man. Otherwise, it ain't gonna be pretty when some of those feminists come barging onto this thread and call ALL IRANIAN MEN, lumpens.

And there ain't gonna be no plea bargain there, either!

Esfand Aashena

What about Ross's mistress and wearing women underwear?

by Esfand Aashena on

This is like blaming Linda Tripp for keeping Monica's soiled blue dress and then giving it to Ken Starr!  It had Clinton's semen didn't it?!

Mirkarimi himself pleaded guilty to abuse.  Besides what about his ex-girlfriend and his panty collection and being a player?  He pleaded guilty because he didn't want more to come out.  He also knew his pleading guilty will most likely be the end of his term one way or another.

It boils down to Ross screwed up and now he can't and shouldn't hold on to his elected office.  He can run again and if he gets elected then by all means more power to him.  But this ship has sailed and his staying in office is just wasting taxpayers money, either in a recall or legal fees.

Below are couple of links from his ex-girlfriend's claims of abuse and also a copy of her filing a police report.


copy in PDF file below


I am sorry for what he and his wife are going through based on this letter that she has published but the story of him staying in office or being suspended is another story and he deserves it.  It's called the consequence of one's action. 

Everything is sacred

Do Not Shoot Me

Where are the angry Feminists on this site?

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Where are the angry Feminists on this site?  Can't wait to hear from you lovely women.  


Where are the arm-chair IC generals who jumped on Ross before

by MM on

And, Admin - you allowed the last blog on Ross to keep going despite my objections.

Thank you, Nazy. 

G. Rahmanian

Thank you, Ms. Kaviani

by G. Rahmanian on

Thank you, Ms. Kaviani for bringing this letter to IC readers' attention.

This is a revealing letter not only that it shows Ms. Eliana Lopez's love and concern for her husband, Sheriff Mirkarimi, but also because it exposes the audacity of those who are trying to take away Mr. Mirkarimi's job and, at the same time, break up his family.

These are difficult and painful times for Mr. Mirkarimi, his wife and their son.

I wish them all the best and success in their fight for justice.


Mohammad Ala

The other side…

by Mohammad Ala on

The damage is done.  Why to write this letter several months late?  Why to leave the US?