Buyers of Iran oil to face fresh US sanctions
30-Mar-2012 (2 comments)

US President Barack Obama has approved the introduction of fresh sanctions on buyers of Iranian oil.

Mr Obama has determined that there is enough oil in the world market to avoid negative consequences for US allies of a boycott of Iranian oil.

The move would allow the US to sanction foreign banks which are still involved in the oil trade with Iran.

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maziar 58

Even if the price of our

by maziar 58 on

Even if the price of our gas here in the USA hit the $ 6.00 per gallon ...

it's still in line with of our european buddies.

the real questions are some where else.


G. Rahmanian

Of course, there is!

by G. Rahmanian on

Of course, there is more than enough oil. The market is glutted and some good-for-nothing IR apologists and paid agents keep talking about shortage of oil.

The current inflated price of oil has more to do with speculations than its shortage.