What can other African countries learn from Senegal's peaceful poll?
26-Mar-2012 (one comment)

As the Senegalese celebrate an election which seems to have had a peaceful outcome, with the incumbent accepting defeat, the overwhelming feeling is one of great relief.

People are simply glad that months of electoral tension, which led to the deaths of at least six people, is over.

After news broke that President Abdoulaye Wade had conceded, motorists honked their horns while those on motorbikes proudly waved the Senegalese flag.

Following a brief address in front of local and international reporters in a tent erected in the backyard of Radisson Hotel, President-elect Macky Sall joined thousands of supporters who had gathered outside his campaign's headquarters.

Abdoulaye Wade was accused of grooming his son to succeed him

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Darius Kadivar

Glad to see Abdoulaye Wade Proved Wiser than Gaddafi

by Darius Kadivar on

Abdoulaye Wade was amongst the very first African Leaders to criticize Gaddafi for brutalizing his opponents and refuring to step down.

In the world of politics it is rare to see Leaders put to practice what they demanded from others.


This is a great sign of wisdom on behalf of Senagal's Old Lion King !