First large Israeli demonstration against war with Iran held in Tel Aviv
24-Mar-2012 (4 comments)

A lively crowd of approximately 1000 people, according to estimates by the Israeli media, gathered at Habima Square in Tel Aviv to voice its opposition to a war between Israel and Iran.

Unlike most such gatherings, including left-wing and peace demonstrations, there were no politicians in sight – certainly none representing parties or speaking publicly.
Slogans, chants and signs directed most of the attention at the Prime Minister, calling “Bibi, don’t bomb Iran,” and exhorting him to “talk” instead of starting a war. Some implicitly accused Netanyahu of colluding with American Jewish leaders to ratchet up the war rhetoric, describing relationship with AIPAC as a love affair.
Others said that an attack on Iran will come directly at the expense of social justice in Israel. Only one chant tried explicitly to say what the demonstration was actually trying to convey: “The majority of the public is against the war.” ...

One smiling woman held a sign that said simply, “Make Sense, Not War.”


"Make Sense, Not War"

by maghshoosh on

Haaretz report on the peace rally.



Israel no match for Iran / Iran will not bow to them

by ILoveIran on

Israel cannot handle a conventional war with Iran, and they know it.  And if they go nuclear, Iran can handle a nuclear strike, Israel can't.


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by maghshoosh on

Each side has to act against and take responsibility for disasters that his government may bring about, based on the venues available to it.  Since unlike Iranians, the Israeli public can express its opinion through demonstrations, it's incumbent upon the Israelis to fully take advantage of that right.



by Fesenjoon2 on

I wonder what would happen if there was a similar demonstration against war with Israel in Tehran. The Baseej would beat the crap out of the protesters, and many would en up in Evin. 


Hah hah