Israelis to demonstrate against Iran attack amid growing web campaign
20-Mar-2012 (one comment)

First came the Iranian women .... speaking out against war from a feminist perspective. Then came the Israeli reply, with the Coalition of Women for Peace ... stating they “oppose the inflammatory rhetoric of war mongers and the recently advertised plan of the Israeli government to attack Iran. Such an assault is not likely to stop the Iranian nuclear plan, but is likely to lead to regional war, loss of human life and a long term environmental damage. To this the Iranian group responded with enthusiasm ... Then, on Saturday night, online anti-war activism took a sharp rise following an Israeli couple’s initiative to dedicate “love posters” to the Iranian people. The Israeli posters were soon answered by Iranian ones ... these ... led several Israeli activists to declare an anti-war demonstration ... this coming Saturday night ... “We will not agree to an irresponsible Israeli attack in Iran, leading to a war with an unknown end-date and casualty count”


Virtual Facebk campaign blossoming into face2face

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The article links to this series of anti-war videos featuring Iranian women activists.