A Warning for Women of the Arab Spring
Wall Street Journal / Shirin Ebadi
14-Mar-2012 (2 comments)

I do not agree with the phrase "Arab Spring." The overthrow of dictatorships is not sufficient in itself. Only when repressive governments are replaced by democracies can we consider the popular uprisings in the Middle East to be a meaningful "spring."

Since women make up half of the region's population, any democratic developments must improve the social and legal status of women in the Arab world. It appears the Tunisian society has strong civil institutions, and there is much hope that democracy can take hold there. But in Egypt, many political actors are talking about returning to Islamic law, which could result in a regression of rights for women and girls similar to what we experienced in Iran in 1979.

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too late

by MRX1 on

It's too late for miss Ebadi to say anything meaningfull that will actualy impact anything.The train already left the station. she might as well move with bani sadr and become rommates.  Life is about timing and she blew it. Once eyes and ears of the world was on her and instead of standing up for Iranian politcal prisoners and women  she talked about gitmo, palestine and the usuall stuff. Now that Arab spring came and to some extent gone, she is tlaking about right of women.  She is probably a nice lady but it's time for her to retire.

Darius Kadivar

Na Ellah Velah ? ... No Wonder she Loves Shariati

by Darius Kadivar on

She say's : "There are interpretations of Shariah law that allow one to be a Muslim and enjoy equal gender rights—rights that we can exercise while participating in a genuinely democratic political system. Shariah law and women's rights do not have to be mutually exclusive. Although the 1979 revolution in Iran is often called an Islamic revolution, it can actually be said to be a revolution of men against women. Before the revolution, women's rights were recognized to some extent. But the revolution led to the enactment of numerous discriminatory laws against women."