U.S. says Iranian general key in Afghan heroin trade
07-Mar-2012 (one comment)

Washington on Wednesday named a general in Iran’s elite al-Quds force as a key figure in trafficking heroin from Afghanistan.

The U.S. Treasury designated Gen. Gholamreza Baghbani, who runs the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds force office in Zahedan near the Afghan-Pakistan border, as a narcotics “kingpin” for facilitating Aghan drugrunners to move opiates into and through Iran.

In return, the smugglers helped move weapons for the Taliban from Iran “on behalf of Baghbani,” the Treasury said in a statement.

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How slick and corrupt this regime is

by FG on

It's definitely not OK for ordinary Iranians to sell heroin in Iran but its OK for the IRCG to do so.  

How many have been executed for doing so (and thus competing with the IRCG) but NOT General Baghbani?  Who protects him and allow this on such a scale?  Like death squads, rigged election and Kharizak, things like this don't happen in the thugocracy without the approval of the Supreme Thug himself.

Note that the drugs are shipped both IN and THROUGH Iran, meaning the regime itself is corrupting Iran's people while making big bucks for doing so.  It is also adding to drug problems abroad.  How corrupt can you get?  Finally it is using the money to supply guns (and no doubt IED's) to the Taliban and it did in Iraq.  

Let Iran's mullahs pay a price for this.  It must not be cost free.  I again must point out that the USA and others OWE the regime a handful of trouble.  It is soon time for the West and Arab nations (target by covert destabiliztion schemes) to return the favor by arming Iranian dissidents, training them and supplying IEDs whatever they request such things.