A Swift End for the Innocent: The Sanctions Hit Home
Tehran Bureau / Ali Chenar
02-Mar-2012 (one comment)

While Iranians rejoice over A Separation'unprecedented victory at the Oscars and the Iranian media is preoccupied with Friday's parliamentary elections, the country's businesses are bracing for the worst. The economy, it appears, is contracting. After boycotting Iran's oil and banking industries, the United States and its allies impose sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) that threaten to severely disrupt Iranian business activities. Earlier this month, the Society for Worldwide International Financial Telecommunication, or Swift, followed suit, announcing that it would move to bar sedsanctioned Iranian banks from using its financial communications and clearing systems. The announcement sent shockwaves through the Iranian business community.........

Then, this past Friday, Swift revealed that its move would encompass the CBI, thus essentially denying the entire Iranian banking sector the ability to electronically transfer money abroad. The comprehensive Swift cutoff will make it virtually impossible for Iranian banks to shift money even between their own foreign branches outside o... >>>

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How the regime will try to divert popular rage

by FG on

Expect to see lots of post by regime sympathizers trying to divert rage abroad during the usual means.    We've already seen AmirforSecularMonarchy playing that role.   He's anything but a monarchist.  

Another recent blog by a regime supporter suggested the sanctions were an Israeli plot to starve Iranians--a useful allegation but one with obvious holes.   See:


Netanyahu Advisor Advocates Mass Starvation Against Iran




I point out the obvious holes in a subpost there entitled: "USE COMMON SENSE! Source for Lead Post is regime itself."   

In that subpost, I concentrate on two facts made in the Tehran Bureau article which may be used for propaganda purposes--many innocents will get hit hard, and the Bad Guys will be little effected personally (though hit hard politically).  I don't dispute those two facts but I try to show why they are easily counter-weighed by other facts.  What I wrote at the above site is a partial analyis of the news item above.