Iran Invokes the West to Motivate Voters
01-Mar-2012 (3 comments)

In the days leading up to Iran’s parliamentary elections on Friday, the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and other top officials have been crisscrossing their country to issue stern warnings against a vast Western conspiracy, driven by panic, to undermine the vote. The official news media have amplified the campaign: “U.S. Dreads Iranians’ Turnout in Elections,” read one typical banner on Press TV, the state-run English-language vehicle...And Ayatollah Khamenei appears to be increasingly unpopular, with some conservatives breaking a taboo by criticizing him openly..At the same time, most analysts say the government will report a turnout of 60 percent or higher, regardless of what happens on Friday.



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1.  Most Iranians will laugh at the "western conspiracy" nonsense--the same claim the regime made about 2009 protestors.

2. Since the West is vastly more popular with Iranians than their own Saudi-ized, dishonest, incompetent and brutal regime, the tactic is hardly likely to be effective anyway.   Iranians know the regime promotes xenophobia for domestic political reasons but no few fall for it anymore.

3. Once again the regime will lie about the election (the turnout for sure and probably some results as well).  Once again no one will believe a word it says.  Both the regime and its leaders have lost all public credibility having lied flagrantly and repeatedly.


1. Don't vote in worthless elections but wear green PROMINENTLY to show you didn't vote, undermine lies about the turnout and say "up yours!" to the ruling tyrants.

2. Remain outside where your green can be seen but stay clear from polling places and demonstrations (Khamenei's thugs, uniformed and plainclothes, will be waiting to bust your heads if you protest openly).






Western sanctions tighten squeeze on Iran oil exports

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And they are doing so even before they go into effect.




Note how Putin is usual same election tactics as Iran

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Putin says foes plan dirty
tricks to tarnish Russian vote





Vladimir Putin
said his enemies were planning dirty tricks including ballot stuffing and even
murder to tarnish Russia's presidential election that the former KGB
spy is almost certain to win.

Prime Minister Putin's aides hope a big win
in Sunday's vote will take the sting out of an urban protest movement that casts
him as an authoritarian leader who rules through a corrupt and tightly
controlled political system.


COMMENT: Both Khamenei and Putin use dirty tricks and outright murder and then project their behavior on the people they targeted.