UN Telecommunications Body Requires Iran to Stop Satellite Jamming

(22 February 2012) The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran today welcomed a new International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
regulation requiring governments take “necessary action” to stop
jamming of satellite broadcasts from within their jurisdiction.

The ITU and its member states should immediately start monitoring
Iran’s compliance with the new regulation and take any additional steps
needed to ensure Iranian authorities stop interfering with satellite
broadcasts, the Campaign added.

“This is the first meaningful action taken by the ITU and the UN to
make legal provisions to counter censorship of satellite programs within
various countries,” said Aliakbar Mousavi, former Iranian MP who served
as deputy head of the Parliamentary Telecommunications Committee.

At the ITU’s 2012 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-12) last
week, 153 of the 165 member states in attendance voted to amend their
telecommunication regulations. The new amendment regarding jamming
reads, “If an administration has information of an infringement [of the
governing telecommunications regulations] committed by a station under
its jurisdiction the administration shall ascertain the facts and take
the necessary actions.”

WRC regulations constitute a legally binding international treaty on
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