Stickers at 'bomb house' also found on route to hotel
21-Feb-2012 (4 comments)


"Police have obtained an arrest warrant for a fifth suspect, an alleged
bomb-maker identified as Norouzi Shaya Ali Akbar, 57, who entered
Thailand on February 2 and left the country at 8.50am on the day of the
blasts, which took place at 1pm"

"Pansiri said police would seek Iran's cooperation to send Ali Akbar,
initially charged with possessing explosives without permission and
causing explosions, back to Thailand."

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Dear Faramarz and Yolanda

by IranFirst on

Dear Faramarz, Thanks for the picture. All of regime's news sources had one reaction to all this yesterday, they published a comment by a Shia Mullah in Thailand , who had said MKO is behind this with help from Israel (with nodetails of how and why did all these guys fly back to Iran). The amazing thing is all the atricles in IRI papaers had exact same wording about this MUllah (not that new is controled in IRI ) :-)


Dear Yolanda, these guys were trying to be James Bond (cheap girls and everything), but instead they enede up being Dumb and Dumber :-)



by yolanda on

So IRI has disowned its operatives!

I wanted to know if the captured suspects confessed that IRI sent them to kill Israeli diplomats or Maryam Rajavi sent them?

I have to say these suspects are IRI's James Bonds. They mingled with pretty girls 1st and then carried out their "mission"!


The Big Fish

by Faramarz on

Thai police identified the bomb maker, Ali Akbar Norouzi Shayan who left Bangkok on Valentine morning before the afternoon explosion.

Here is his picture.


It is interesting that the Regime sites have been completely quiet about this whole affair. The Regime's ambassador to Thailand Majid Bizmark (no relation to Otto von Bismarck) put the blame squarely on Israel!

One would think that since two of these guys are already in Iran, the Regime can arrest them and get some confessions from them regarding Mossad and MEK's role!


Another Tehran based "MKO", "Israeli", per IRI

by IranFirst on

First there was Leila Rohani who went back and forth between IRI and Thailand for 10 months, then there was Sedaghatzadeh who was caught going back to Tehran (and hs been traveing from Tehran and SE Asia, for a long time) and now Police is as asking IRI for this Norouzi Shaya guy.  Why do these "MKO" and "Israeli Agents", (per IRI) go back to Tehran?