Bangkok blasts: Thai court issues arrest warrant for fifth suspect
Guardian / Kate Hodal

Iranian Javad Nikkahfard, 52, an alleged explosives expert, is wanted in connection with last week's events

A Thai court has issued a warrant for a fifth suspect involved
in last week's Bangkok blasts, believed to be an "explosives specialist"
who was providing training in bomb assembly and detonation to the three
suspects already detained by police.

The man, who has been named
but not confirmed as Iranian national Javad Nikkahfard, 52, was captured
on CCTV leaving the house at which a cache of explosives accidentally
detonated on 14 February. He faces charges of manufacturing and
illegally possessing explosives, and causing an explosion to physically
harm others, but is thought to have fled Thailand the same day as the explosions.

week's bizarre sequence of events began when the roof of a house
allegedly rented by three Iranians blew off, sending the three men into
the streets of Ekkamai, east Bangkok. Two of them fled on foot but the
third, Saied Moradi, 28, threw explosives at a passing taxi and again at
police. In the melee he mistakenly detonated one of the bombs and blew
off one of his legs. He remains in custody along with Mohammad Khazei,
42, who was detained by authorities while trying to board a flight the
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