Empty streets for pro-regime rally in Karaj (video)
12-Feb-2012 (2 comments)

راهپیمایی "میلیونی" عاشقان ولایت در کرج. ۲۲ بهمن ۹۰


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You are Right Yolonda

by IranFirst on

Dear Yolonda, you are right. Even many of these are govenment employees and their families who are forced to go. And off course there are always IRI rent-a-mob people too.



by yolanda on

Priceless video! The percentage of IRI supporters on IC and in Iran are pretty much the same! Mohammad Marandi should watch this video!

It is funny that IRI used blaring loud-speaker, but they still failed to generate sizable crowd! I guess they ran out of money to pay people to come to the rally!



thank you for posting!