Ayatollah Khamenei says Iran will back ‘any nations, any groups’ fighting Israel
Guardian / Thomas Erdbrink

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, openly declared Friday that the Islamic republic will support all movements fighting against Israel.

From now onwards, we will support and help any nations, any groups fighting against the Zionist regime across the world and we are not afraid of declaring this,” Khamenei said during a rare Friday prayer lecture at Tehran University.

“We state openly whenever we intervene. We got involved in the anti-Israeli issues, which resulted in the victory in the 33-day and 22-day wars [with Lebanon on 2006 and the incursion into Gaza Strip in late 2008, respectively], he said.

He said Israel has become “weakened and isolated” in the region due to the revolutions that are rocking the Middle East. “This is very important because the Zionist regime is a true cancer tumor on this region that should be cut off, and it definitely will be cut off,” he said.

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