Top Democrat, Republican unveil bipartisan bill to impose tough penalties on Iran
31-Jan-2012 (2 comments)

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Tim Johnson, D-S.D., and Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby, the panel’s top Republican, said they had agreed on the measure that would target Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, require companies that trade on the U.S. stock exchange to disclose any Iran-related business to the Securities and Exchange Commission, and expand penalties for energy and uranium mining joint ventures with Tehran.

Penalties also would be mandatory for shippers or insurers who knowingly aid the shipment of materials that contribute to Iran’s weapons of mass destruction or terrorism-related activities.

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About time

by Simorgh5555 on

IR Terror businesss links must be exposed. Companies that trade with the IR Terror regime must be punished and hopefully will be hit hard in the pockets. I personally wish that the bill went a step further and criminalised all CEOs and directors who knowingly trade with any IR cimpany or its affiliates.



by jmyt17 on

Please move faster.

We have to kick them out out IRAN.

They are not Iranian.