Free Syrian Army Captures "Iranian Soldiers"
Enuring America / Transcript by Josh Shahryar
26-Jan-2012 (one comment)

This video may the the smoking gun. According to activists, these
soldiers are Iranian, they had been cooperating the the Syrian security
forces, and they have been captured by the Free Syrian Army.

The full transcript, provided by EA Correspondent Josh Shahryar, is below:


0:49 – 0:57 My name is Sajjad (Haider Ali) Aminan and I am a member
of the revolutionary armed forces of Iran. I am leader of a five-member

0:57 – 1:04 special team. I entered Syria on October 16, 2011. The others entered Syria on different dates.

1:04 – 1:13 (What are your names?) Ahmad Gertabadi. Hasan Hasani. Majid Qanbari. Kyumars Qobadi.

1:13 – 1:26 My team and I entered Syria and supported the security
intelligence forces of Syria in suppressing and shooting civilians.

1:26 – 1:39 After we were done with our daily activities, we would return from our 'jobs' to where we used to live.

1:39 – 1:48 We have killed many civilians in the city of Homs, including many women and children. We received our

1:48 – 1:59 orders directly from the airforce intellig... >>>

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