Tehranis Blame Regime for EU Sanctions
24-Jan-2012 (3 comments)

When Iranian state-run television was updating its viewers about the latest developments of the Occupy Wall Street movement, the EU embargoed Iran’s oil. Immediately, the rate of the Iranian currency fell; one US dollar was sold for 21,000 rials. In addition, each government- issued gold coin was sold for ten million rials. The average Iranian’s reaction to the unstable and chaotic market varied from panic to depression to anger.

Reza Javadi, a carpet seller says: “Everything is in a stagnant state. People are all afraid. You can feel the silent before a disaster about to happen. Until yesterday, I talked to people who used to say nothing has happened yet, but following the European Union’s oil sanctions, people are really afraid now.”

Negar Rouhi, author and translator, says: “Every day in my office I translate a lot of documents for university students who are racing each other to leave the country. These days, more than ever, I feel the sense of fear and distrust on their faces. They don’t want to believe that the currency crisis is serious. But with the EU sanctions, it is impossible for the price of U.S. dollar to decrease.”

Soheil, a 35- year-old supermarket owner in central Tehran, is worried about potential food shortages in the upcoming months. “The situation is hopeless. We are reverting back to the worst days of the Iran-Iraq war. I am worried everything will be rationed again. With... >>>

Darius Kadivar

Parvaneh Vahidmanesh's Take

by Darius Kadivar on

Editor’s Note: The following article is based upon interviews conducted with Iranians living inside Iran, but written by an author outside the country. The names stated in the article are pseudonyms in order to protect the safety of those interviewed.




by JustAnIranian on

What didn't the regime lie about? They lie automatically. They have lied since day 1. 

G. Rahmanian

Sanctions & Tehranis!

by G. Rahmanian on

Average Tehranis have been blaming the regime for every single disaster for more than three decades. That's nothing new!

The recent sanctions is/will be hurting a layer of Tehran's society which has, so far, enjoyed immunity from the previous ones due to its wealth.

Iranians haven't forgotten how regime's goons opened fire and killed poor Tehranis who protested against and refused to pay their utility bills.

They also remember how Iranians were lied to regarding free utilities for all!