VIDEO: Oil minister: Saudi Arabia can make up for Iranian crude
17-Jan-2012 (6 comments)

CNN) -- Saudi Arabia can make up for any loss of crude oil production if sanctions are placed on Iran, the country's oil minister told CNN in an exclusive interview set to air Monday.

"I believe we can easily get up to 11.4, 11.8 (million barrels a day) almost immediately, in a few days, because all we need is to turn valves," Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi told CNN's John Defterios. "Now to get to the next 700 or so, we probably need about 90 days."

When asked about whether Saudi Arabia could make up for Iran's exports of 2.2 million barrels a day, al-Naimi said the country has a spare capacity "to respond to emergencies worldwide, to respond to our customer demand, and that is really the focus. Our focus is not on who drops out from production, but who wants more."

Saudi Arabia: Ready to turn valves

He also discussed his outlook for oil prices in 2012 amid tensions in the Gulf region.

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not when there is war!


Iran will targtet their oil supplies and they wahabi's will pay the price dearly! If those sanctions are implemented on Iran it will create alot of tension that will bring the region to flames!

G. Rahmanian

صالحی: "سخنان وزیر نفت عربستان دوستانه نیست!"

G. Rahmanian

" 'دوستي' با هر كه كردم خصم مادر زاد شد!" اي داد بيداد. اين هم خود به خريت زدن مضحك جناب اقاي صالحي!


Saudis: Pimps at the pump! :-)

by Disenchanted on


         Saudi Arabia is central bank for terrorism and fundamentalism in the world! Every knucklehead in Arabic countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and central Asia is supported either by government of Saudi or private sector. Middle east would have a much faster transition to democracy if not because of these oily buffoons!

         It is another indication of hypocrisy by western countries that have remained silent toward the absolute tyranny and lack of freedom and democracy in this place. Savages with petrodollars! Now, a fight between Saudi and Israel is something I'd pay to watch! But somehow crooks despite their difference in appearance stick together!


صالحی: سخنان وزیر نفت عربستان دوستانه نیست!


That's how Regime's Foreign Minister replied to the news of Saudi's stepping up production.

No Sh*t Sherlock!



by asadabad on

**** the iranian regime.  Those dogs need to wiped out.



by Fatollah on

حالا کونتون وبرای اعراب و فرهنگشون پاره کنید