How to deal with Iran: Support the people
CNN Blogpost / Rob Sobhani

"Finally, serious consideration should also be given to the wishes of the Iranian people. The people of Iran hold the key to America's long-term strategic interests in the Middle East. Public opinion polls conducted for the Department of State since 2003 have identified the
following two concerns among the Iranian people: 76% would like a "fundamental change" of the political system and 80% would like to see this change effected through a referendum. Continuing demonstrations in Iran's major cities following the contested elections in June of 2009 suggests that the people of Iran do indeed want a change of regime.

As the gulf between the Iranian people and the regime widens, Washington should focus its efforts on making this divide permanent. Indeed, the national security interests of the United States coincide with the wishes of the Iranian people.

Irrespective of whether "reformers" or "hard-liners" are running the theocracy in Iran, the foreign policy goals of the regime are the same: pursue weapons of mass destruction for regional domination; create an Islamic Republic inside Iraq (either as a united entity or a partitioned country); drive the United States out of the Persian Gulf and broader
Middle East; continue to support terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah; use Yemeni rebels as proxies to overthrow the monarchy of Saudi Arabia; and work with its allies in the region to ... >>>

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