Iran car explosion 'kills nuclear scientist' in Tehran
11-Jan-2012 (3 comments)

A university lecturer and nuclear scientist has been killed in a car explosion in north Tehran, reports say.

Iranian media sources named the casualty as Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, Reuters news agency reports.

The blast happened when a motorcyclist stuck a bomb on the side of the car, says Iran's semi-official Fars news agency.

Local sources said the blast took place at a faculty of Iran's Allameh Tabatai university.

Two others were reportedly also injured in the blast, which took place near Gol Nabi Street, in the north of the capital.

Mr Ahmadi-Roshan, 32, was a graduate of oil industry university and supervised a department at Natanz uranium enrichment facility in Isfahan province, Fars reported.

Several Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated in recent years. Tehran has blamed the killings on Israel and the US. Both countries deny the accusations.

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by PArviz on

"Judge, jury and executioner"?
Could you tell me how you came to this conclusion? I regard the regime in Iran as inhuman and barbaric and as such, in my opinion, anybody who helps this regime and collaborates with it to stay in power even a minute longer should be punished. I prefer this punishment to be decided in a court of law in a democratic Iran. I am actually against capital punishment. In this particular case I did not say anything about this person who was killed because I do not know anything about him.

I do not know what it is that you are trying to prove but OK I confess to your Sherlock Holmes-like abilities and admit to having been a member of IC for over 4 years. How did you ever discover that? What complicated mathematical formulae did you use? But in fact I have been visiting IC for over 10 years now and since registration became compulsory 4-5 years ago for those who wanted to comment on articles, hence I, and many others, joined IC as registered members around that time. I, following your footsteps, see that you have also been a registered member for about 4 years. So what was the point of mentioning the length of time I have been a registered user?

I am a normal person, I do hate some things: injustice, prejudice, violence, brutality, inequality, poverty, exploitation to mention a few. I believe people should be accountable for their actions and deeds. I do not hate people or things for the fun of it. I am not a hateful person. If you commit a crime you should be punished for it. Collaborating with this regime is one of the worst crimes in my book.

I think you are actually guilty of what you accused me of. You are the one who is being "judge, jury and executioner". Maybe you should do less "maykhori" and do more "manbarsuzi". But. hey, if you are a supporter of this regime and would like to see them in power for many years to come, then it is quite understandable why you would like to see them build nuclear weapons and you see no harm in helping them achieve this.

I do not want to start a shouting match here but your post does not make sense.

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!


So you are now

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Judge, jury and executioner. Congradulations "patriot," you have now graduated from the School of Raging Hatred. You are few but loud and proud and all members of IC "coincidentally" for about 4 years.



I do not know who has done

by PArviz on

I do not know who has done this and whether this guy was actually involved in the regime's nuclear programme but in my opinion anybody who helps the mullah's regime build nuclear weapons is a criminal and should be punished. The punishment should not be necessarily death but it has to be very severe.

If these guys (scientists/engineers..) regard themselves as heroes they are dead wrong. They are just a bunch of opportunists who do not give a shit about the people or future of Iran. In other words they are traitors.

The regime is trying to guarantee its rule for many years to come by developing nuclear weapons and anybody who helps them achieve that goal is an enemy of Iran and Iranians.

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!