Iran Analysis: The Supreme Leader is Looking for A Few Good Reformists
Enduring America / Scott Lucas
22-Dec-2011 (4 comments)

With the announcement of some reformists that they will not be active in the next election, a large number of people may not participate, especially youth, students, and intellectuals. The Supreme Leader's allies are worried that in this situation the supporters of President Ahmadinejad might win the majority of the Parliamentary seats...

The Supreme Leader's camp need to sway Khatami into supporting participation in March or, at least, refraining from any statement telling his supporters to stay home.


Decisive questions

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Put yourself in the shoes of reformers before you answer each one.

1. It has been suggested that reformers now enjoy benefits that they'd lose if they boycott elections.  What benefits specifically?

2. Will the winner of this election seek to eliminate the loser for good? 

3.  Subsequently, is it not likely that the reformists would be targeted for extermination no matter which faction prevails? 

4.  Against which faction would the Greens have the best chance or survival? 

Based on past records for keeping promises or acting honestly or morally, reformers should be naive to trust sweet words from either side.  In that sense, Scott Lucas of Enduring America seems to agree with my assumption in #3 when he writes:

"ONLY until (my caps) President Ahmadinejad's entourage is evicted it appears the Supreme Leader is looking for a sleep-over with the reformists." 

We also agree with Scott's conclusion about the likely election winner if reformers stay away: Ahmadinejad's faction. 



5 Iranian "engineers" captured in Syria were IRCG?

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Some reports indicate that the five Iranian engineers kidnapped in Syria may be members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. They were working in Homs, a center of anti-government activities. The Syrian opposition has accused Iran of aiding the efforts by the regime of Bashar al-Assad to violently put down the rebellion. According to initial reports, eight Iranians were kidnapped, but apparently there were three victims who were not from Iran.

(from Tehran Bureau)

REMINDER FROM FG: In Iraq, captured members of Al Quds posed as "diplomats."


38 political prisoners offer great reasons for election boycott

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Thirty-eight major Iranian political prisoners issued a statement
calling on the reformists and supporters of the Green Movement not to
run or vote in the Majles elections next March.  They gave these


--the upcoming vote bears NO similarity to free elections in other nations


--the country is unofficially run by the military and intelligence forces,


--experience has shown that elections that are supervised by such forces are SIMPLY FOR SHOW.


in such elections only helps consolidate the hardliners' rule and
undermines democracy, respect for human rights, and the key goals of the
Revolution, namely, independence and freedom


As a consequence Khamenei's thugs punished the prisoners
with a ban on family visits.  Thereby his thugs demonstrated how badly a boycott is needed and how accurate their charges.


VIDEO: Syrians mock mullahs by burning their currency

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 Anyone aware of how Iran's currency is plummeting in value will get the joke made by an Enduring America correspondent: "No big deal, it's not worth anything, even in Syria."