Iran's War Against Western Culture: Never Ending, Always Losing
Tehran Bureau
20-Dec-2011 (2 comments)

Asghar Agha is a happy man. The Iranian government is losing the information and cultural war against its own people, while he just keeps on thriving.

Over the past three decades, the regime has tried to crush the Iranian people's taste for the Western and non-Islamic Iranian music, TV shows, and films available through the thousands of satellite dishes that line the rooftops of residential buildings around the country. It is failing because of the entertainment black market.

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Egypt Scientific

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Egypt Scientific Institue up n flames




Information is the currency of democracy. ~Thomas Jefferson


Other interesting news

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The Iranian rial, already on a sharp slide , has dropped another 2% this morning vs. the US dollar. It now stands at 15300:1.

The Iranian rial now appears to be in free fall vs. the US dollar. It stands at 15000:1 on the open market today, a drop of 7% in value since last Friday.


The Deputy Minister of Oil Ahmad Qalebani told the Iranian Students News Agency that crude oil production fell in 2011 “due to lack of investment in oil field development".

Qalebani's statement fits the facts, as Iran's output has dropped
from about 4 million barrels per day in 2010 to about 3.5 million
barrels this year, but it is a sharp departure from the standard line,
including that put out by Minister of Oil Rustam Qassemi, of heightened
efforts to ensure oil exports and self-sufficiency.

COMMENT: As usual, the regime has engaged in Saddam-like huffing and puffing about how well-prepared it is getting for a European oil boycott.  The latter is probable if the Saudis increase production to the economic blow on Europe.  Fearful of a nuclear-armed mullocracy that has promoted mini-Hezbollahs everywhere, the Saudis may go along in hope of bringing the regime down.)  



The Battle Within --- Ahmadinejad v. Rafsanjani in 5 Scenes


SOURCE: Enduring America