Egyptian Sheikh: A woman's face is like a vagina
nowlebanon / Angie Nassar
15-Dec-2011 (one comment)

Pot, consider yourself stirred: A Salafist Sheikh in Egypt says a woman’s face is like a vagina.

“What is a veil? A veil is what covers the woman’s face. Therefore
the woman’s face is like her vagina,” Sheik Abou Ishak al-Houwayni was
quoted on the Elaph news website as saying.

His remarks were in reference to a discussion of the late Egyptian
feminist, Hoda Shaarawi, who became the first woman to publicly remove
her veil in a Cairo train station in 1923.

Houwayni is essentially arguing that the reason a woman’s face should
be fully covered is because, like a vagina, it attracts men.

I am no longer surprised by disgusting displays of religious
conservatism coming from sexually repressed men who’ve likely never even
seen a vagina; they just feel around “down there,” while glancing away
and mumbling something to Allah.

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