British 'most secret' invasion plans seized at Iran embassy
The Guardian / Julian Borger
05-Dec-2011 (3 comments)

the Basij commanders and Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) officers said by western diplomats to be in the crowd, must have thought they had hit the jackpot when the raiders came across embassy documents in the ambassador's office marked "most secret" in red ink, giving details of a gigantic invasion plan.


What a jackpot!

by FG on

Meanwhile I've been expecting this:

Saudi may join nuclear arms race: ex-spy chief


What has up to now been a nightmare for the Saudis will now become a nightmare for the mullahs and Iran even after the regime is gone.  The mullahs should have seen it coming.  Did they really think the Saudis had a choice, especially consider the IRI's aggressive policies toward neighbors which includes exporting arms, revolutions and Hezbollah-style movements via Al Quds in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, the Sudan, etc.

Will S. Korea and Japan be next, given a similarly aggressive regime in North Korea with nukes?  I can't imagine the Chinese government would be happy at such prospects.  How about Turkey, whose countermodel Iran sees as a threat?

Questions for Iranians who previously favored nukes  in spite of despising the mullahs:

1. Is this tendency a good development for the region?

2. Can you blame the Saudis? 

3. If Iran clearly stopped its nuclear program and allowed international observers to confirm it, provided the Sauids avoided such a program, would you be in favor? 




This Report is Actually Quite Disturbing

by ayatoilet1 on

This report is a little disturbing. First of all it aludes to the presence of a safe. If so, you have to wonder what else is in it? Secondly, everyone knows that the real issue is what is on hard drives on computers. What happened to IT systems at the embassy? Could they have been hacked?

The problem with this report is that is almost makes the embassy storming comic, which suggests that it was planned by the Brits to begin with. The reporter seems tranquil about the whole set of events and almost pokes fun at it.

Ordinarily this would be a very serious issue. In international law its a direct invasion of soverignty, the kind of thing that leads to war. And the fact that its all so "funny" make me think it was all a giant set up by the Brits....who after all put the Islamists in power to begin with. The leaders of the regime in Tehran (people like Rafsanjani and Khamenei) have billion dollar accounts in British banks, homes in Canada and the UK; and would not fart without orders from Whitehall.

Who are they fooling?


Khomeini's grandson: Evidence for and against.

by FG on

In a recent post I argued the advantages of a presidential race by Khoumeini's anti-regime grandson as a way of getting rid of the mullah's with having to go through a bloody, destructive and prolonged civil war. 


Though the debate continues, the post has reached the bottom of the pile so it will be harder to continue the debate. 

Having researched the internet, I came up with a prime piece of evidence showing Khoumeini's position goes far beyond reform and is more radical than any statement by any top opposition member who remains inside Iran. It's easy for us to forget exactly how strong Khoumeini's criticism of the mullocracy actually was which is why I urge you to read and recall exactly what he said.

The material came up in a debate with Mullahkosh over evidence and Khoumeini's value to the opposition.  M sees the founder's grandson as just anothrer reformer whose radical anti-regime statements shouldn't be taken at face value.  I disagree.  We've both prevented evidence for our positions.  Please read them and let us know what you think afterwards. Thanks.

I maintain young Khoumeini shows no interest in "reform" and wants the system gone.  If you believe his own words, especially given the risks he took to say such things, can you imagine the regime's panic should he announce his candidacy for president?   

That he is the only man in Iran who could say such things and avoid arrest, trial and execution is self-evident fact, not opinion. 

If you believe young Khoumenei meant exactly what he said it follows that the regime will be hard pressed to do any of the following:

A. How can it prevent Khomenei's candidacy via the Guardian Council and justify it afterwards?  (except via assassination which is why a "If you are watching this" video is essential).

B. How can it stop the controversial candidate from saying the same things once the campaign heats up?

C. How can it rig this election in which Khomenei's victory would likely be far more overwhelming than Moussavi's given the split between Ahmadinejad and the mullahs?

D. How can it prevent Khamenei, once sworn in, from using his strong popular legitimacy to take on the mullahs?   He was quite clear on what his first move would be to throw down the gauntlet at Khamenei's feet by ending forced hajib. Wouldn't you love to see what comes next?  I sure would.

I'd say the only available option left to the regime is turning to assassination once again. That's why, in a subpost, I urged an "If you are watching this" DVD as an insurance policy.