Why the UK Embassy in Iran Was Attacked: The Domestic Angle
Huffington Post / Trita Parsi
02-Dec-2011 (2 comments)

The disgraceful attack by hardline Basijis -- the same group that beat and killed peaceful demonstrators in Iran in 2009 -- against the British embassy in Tehran appears on the surface to be a response to Britain's role in imposing crippling sanctions on Iran. The US and the EU are preparing new sanctions on Iran, including potentially Central Bank and oil sanctions. And there has been an onslaught of computer viruses, assassinations of Iranian scientists, and several Iranian facilities have blown up in just a few weeks. Viewing the attack on the British embassy as a response to the increasing pressure Iran is faced with may be accurate. With Iran trying to prove to the West that it doesn't respond to pressure, Tehran might have calculated that upping the ante may make that message crystal-clear.

But there is more to this picture.

While the actions of the Basij government militia takes place in a foreign policy context and has clear implications for Iran's relations with the West, there are also some significant domestic political roots to this crisis.

Consider the following. The Obama administration has been on the offensive in the past few weeks, ratcheting up pressure on Iran through sanctions and measures to isolate Iran. Yet, behind the scenes, conversations have been held with partners in the UN Security Council --not necessarily driven by the United States -- to restart diplomacy, centered on the nuclear issue. Sometimes early in 2012, an... >>>

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na baba

migy na bebin

by na baba on

the oily iran has exprienced  such two sides plots against the people few times during the 150 years ago.( from the time oil became an english owned product in iran BUT ) and strange to say in all events the religious leaders were invilved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU KNOW WHY?

because these people are satisfied with few pussys and now for the time MANGHAL JAN!!!

migy na baba?!

call their private places on without previous notice though play boy shoul d be invited.


Trita Parsi Rationalzing IRI's Good Cop Bad Cop games

by IranFirst on

Mr Parsi/NIAC is saying (to West) not to be discoutaged by Basijis (the bad cop) who have done a bad thing (Attacking UK Embassy), which was a bad method and then he rationalizes their intent as a response to pressures on IRI. Then he goes on to say that Antari (the good cop) has shown signs that he would like to negotiate (the same delaying games that Antari has been playing for years). No where in Mr. Parsi's article there is any direct blame on IRI and why Iran is in this near-war position (because of direct and irresponsible acts of IRI). There are no good cops or bad cops, there is only one IRI ruled by VF and has never been interested in any meaningful negotioation in Nuclear or oter issues.