Facebook IS Mass Surveillance
02-Dec-2011 (one comment)

The father of free software philosophy spoke to RT on evil developers, spying social networks, the almost-legitimacy of Anonymous hacks and the condition under which he would take a proprietary program and a million dollars.Stallman is the man behind the concept that every computer program must be free for users to study and modify as they want. This is the only way to ensure that by using the software users do not compromise their human rights, he says.Free software literally gives you freedom in the area of computing. It means that you can control your computing. It means that the users individually and collectively have control over their computing. And in particular it means they can protect themselves from the malicious features that are likely to be in proprietary software,” he told RT. 

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thin line

by nevateer1 on

There is definitely a thin line between spying on users and monitoring their behavior to make tools better. Personally I don't like it when I see that Facebook is still watching you even after you sign out somehow! Yet, at the same time, there are instances where spying on facebook has worked out.