Islamic Jihad Leader Hails Iranian Students for Raiding British Embassy
Fars News Agency

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Movement praised the Iranian university students for their courageous
occupation of the British embassy in Tehran, saying that it is natural
for any given country to expel its enemies.

"It is natural for the Iranian nation, with the students at the top of
them, to rise to clean this arrogant dirt from their country's soil,"
Ahmad al-Modallel told FNA on Wednesday.

His remarks alluded to the thousands of angry university students
who raided and occupied the British embassy in Tehran Tuesday night in
protest at London's hostile policies against Iran.

Modallel also blamed the British government for the homelessness and
miseries of the Palestinian nation, and reiterated that given the
arrogant and criminal actions taken by London, occupation of the British
embassy by the Iranian people, as a freedom-seeking nation, and their
demand for the expulsion of British diplomats from their country are not
at all surprising.

The Iranian students move came after the Iranian legislators in an
open session of the parliament on Sunday approved the bill of a law on
downgrading relations with Britain with 179 yes votes, 4 oppositions and
11 abstentions. The 4 oppositions demanded a full cut of ties with

The Iranian students complained that lowering ties with Britain is

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