Former Iranian Diplomat: Regime Planned Embassy Raid
Inside Iran

Following the storming of the British Embassy compounds in
Tehran, InsideIran’s Reza Akbari conducted an interview with Hossein
Alizadeh, the former Iranian charge d’affaires at the Iranian embassy in
Finland. He resigned after the contested 2009 presidential election.

Q: How significant were the
protests at the British embassy? Do they mark a new chapter in
hostilities between Iran and the West?

A: Without a doubt this is a new chapter in escalation of tensions
between Iran and Britain and between Iran and the European Union. The
Iranian Parliament recognized the key role Britain plays in the European
Union and realized that the remarks coming from London are very
different compared with the more passive remarks from other European
countries such as the Netherlands and Italy.

Understanding Britain’s pivotal role, the Iranian regime decided to
first begin its opposition . I only believe it is a show, they passed a
bill in the Parliament to reduce diplomatic ties with Britain to the
level of charge d’affaires. As part of the same approach, they also
physically attacked the embassy and the British residential compound.

Without a doubt these actions will result in the escalation of tensions between Iran, Britain and European Union.

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