Britain pledges support for Iran oil embargo
Reuters / Emma Farge

LONDON, Nov 30 (Reuters) - Britain will support an
embargo on Iranian oil imports following the deterioration of
relations between the two countries, diplomatic sources told
Reuters on Wednesday, as France tried to rally support for new
sanctions within the EU.

Britain shut down the Iranian embassy in London and
expelled all its staff on Wednesday, saying the storming of the
British diplomatic mission in Tehran could not have taken place
without some degree of consent from Iranian authorities.

"Now that the UK has downgraded diplomatic relations with
Iran, it will support increased sanctions ... and would likely
go ahead with those sanctions unilaterally or with France and
Germany," said a diplomatic source, referring to the ban on
Iranian crude oil imports.

A British government source said Britain was "broadly
supportive" of further energy sanctions on Iran when asked about
the proposal for an Iran embargo.

Britain imposed sanctions on Iran's central bank last week
after a report by the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency
suggested Iran may have worked on developing a nuclear arsenal.

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