Specter of no-fly zone darkens Syrian skies

Arab states are reportedly set to impose a no-fly zone over Syria with
US logistical support. But as the drive to topple Syrian President
Bashar al-Assad on “humanitarian grounds” continues, the Libyan scenario
seems to be repeating itself.

Turkish warplanes with US logistical backing are reportedly set to
implement the no-fly zone once the Arab League issues a decree calling
for the protection of Syrian civilians in accordance with its charter. 

Senior European sources told Kuwait's al-Rai daily that the plan is designed to cripple the country’s military forces “in less than 24 hours.” 
The no-fly zone would include a ban on the movement of Syrian military
vehicles including tanks, personnel carriers and artillery, Albawaba
news reports. The scheme is designed to neutralize Syria’s ability to
carry out air strikes on cities. 

The Syrian opposition has long called for a no fly zone, though NATO has thus far ruled out any such measure.


The 22-member Arab League recently suspended Syria in response to its
violent crackdown on an eight-month-old uprising gripping the country. 
While the United Nations estimates that some 3,500 civilians have died
in the conflict, Damascus counters that 1,100 members of the security
forces have been killed by “foreign-backed terrorist groups.”

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