Please Hear The Imprisoned Iranians!!!
Al Jazeera / Al Jazeera
20-Nov-2011 (one comment)

People Shouldn't Fear Their Governments, Governments MUST Fear Their People!!!

In Loving Memory Of All those Nedas & Sohrabs that lost their young, innocent and precious lives in the hands of this Evil So Called Islamic Republic, The Evil Occupiers and Torturers Of Iranian People.

May The Universe, The Entire World & People Rush to The Aid Of Peaceful and Freedom Loving People In Iran... 



Letters From Iran !!!

by Arthimis on

Note: You might have seen this already, but please see and share it with everyone again & again, until Iran and Iranians become FREE!! Thank you & May God Hear The Iranian People & Give Them More Courage To Final Victory... With Love, An Iranian...