Iranian Firebrand Cleric is a US Green Card Holder
payvand/Tehran-e Emrooz

Controversy is brewing in Tehran
after it was exposed recently that cleric Morteza Agha-Tehrani, an avid
Ahmadinejad supporter and Resistance Front Secretary-General, is a U.S.
Green Card holder.

Morteza Agha-Tehrani is a hardline
Iranian shia cleric and politician who is widely seen as Iranian
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's moral advisor and the ethics mentor of
his cabinet. He has been selected as a member of Iranian Parliament
representing Tehran in 2008 legislative election. He is also one of the
closest disciples of Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi.

According to Agha-Tehrani's page on wikipedia:
"Agha-Tehrani was among the group of clerics sent abroad by
Mesbah-Yazdi to study and obtain degrees from Western universities.
Agha-Tehrani studied in Canada for a while before transferring to New
York as a student. There, he continued his studies at a university in
upstate New York, and also became the religious leader of the Islamic
Institute of New York. He was able to finish his studies with the help
of couple of other people and get a Ph.D. in philosophy. Though he has
an advanced degree from an American institution, it is said he cannot
speak English fluently. He employed the services of a translator for his
mosque sermon... >>>

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