Nasrin Sotoudeh explains to her children why she can’t see them
03-Nov-2011 (2 comments)

Nasrin Sotoudeh’s

newest letter to her two children
Letter by Nasrin Sotoudeh
Translation by Siavosh Jalili, Persian2English

My dear Mehraveh and Nima,

Last Monday, the prison officials gave me two contradictory reports. At 2:00pm, the time of the weekly visits, I was told that the judicial authorities have agreed to grant me in-person visits on Thursdays, in addition to the visits through glass partitions on Monday afternoons. However, at 5:00pm the same day, I was told that I was being disciplined for refusing to wear the chador (head-to-toe cover that only leaves face uncovered) during visits- so, I was banned from the Monday visits for three weeks! It is evident that the authorities have formed a disharmonious family. They do not even treat each other with respect and kindness. Chaos is ruling over the decision making processes.

Remember, treat your friends the same way you treat your enemies. An enemy’s hostility can never justify the violence committed by a human toward a foe, let alone toward a friend. I dare tell you that, no matterhow they treat me, I bear no resentment and hostility towards those who

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Khanoom e Sotoudeh

by Mehrban on

Ay Val!   

I wish the best of outcomes for you.    


We need to unite!

by PArviz on

As long as we have lionesses like Nasrin I know this medieval regime can not prevail, I have no doubt about that.

We, the Iranians living abroad, should somehow form a movement that very vociferously defends Iranian citizens subjected to barbaric treatment by this regime.

When are we going to learn to act as a unified group? Using the tools available to us in the democratic societies we live in, we can make life hell for the barbaric regime and its thugs. Maybe then, they think twice before committing crimes and atrocities against our people.

We should mobilize our democratically elected officials, in the countries we live in, to defend the Iranian people and their rights. We should seek international arrest warrants, using the laws in different countries, for those who suppress our people. This will make their miserable lives even more miserable. 

If and when we learn to do this, this regime is so much closer to its demise and downfall.


Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!