Sanctions on Iran Can Help Bring Democracy to Syria
scoop / Hanifeh Khayyeri

The brave people of Syria are continuing
their protests against the Assad regime despite many deaths
and casualties. The unrest has struck a massive blow to
Syria's economy through strikes, reduced oil export, scaled
back trade and international sanctions. The people's
uprising together with the financial crisis will put
additional economic pressure on the Assad regime which could
in theory promote a faster regime change and hopefully usher
in a democratic Syria. However neighbouring countries such
as Iran, that do not benefit from the Arab spring or a
regime change in Syria, are doing everything in their power
to stop the unrest and keep Assad in power.

The news have
reported that Iran has provided 5.8 billion dollars to help
prop up the Syrian economy and thereby the Assad regime.
Iran has also claimed that it could give 290 000 barrels of
oil each day to enhance border control and stop the cash
out-flow from Syria as people are fleeing the country.
Syrian refugees have witnessed Iranian forces taking part in
the assaults of the protesting people. It has also been
reported that Iran has sent advisers and training personnel
from the Qods force to assist Syria in their crackdown on
anti-regime protesters. There are an astonishing amount of
facts pointing to Iran supporting Syria in its crackdown
against pro-democracy campaigne... >>>

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