The Irrationality That Is Iran
Realclearpolitics / Richard Cohen
18-Oct-2011 (one comment)

A mere moment or two after the Obama administration announced it had discovered and thwarted a plot by Iran to murder Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States
by bombing a Washington restaurant, the doubters started to air their
doubts. Columnists and experts, even some columnists who were not
experts, said the Iranians would never be so sloppy as to commit a
virtual act of war by setting off a bomb in the nation's capital. The
plot was crazy, they said. I agree. But so is Iran.

It's not as if the Iranian intelligence services, particularly the
Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard Corps, usually operate deftly and
leave no fingerprints. This is a regime that commenced what amounts to
mass murder soon after it came to power. It executed its opponents but
also its critics. It even went after exiled Iranians. In 1991, it
murdered the former prime minister, Shapour Bakhtiar, in Paris... >>>

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NOT the reckless act of IRGC alone, this was IRI itself

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This is NOT the reckless act of some runaway intelligence chief at IRGC. This was Khamenei and the regime itself, as they have always been.