violence against “Persepolis.” ,for images or message ?
Mideast Youth / Wamith Al-Kassab

God as an old bearded men: For some devout Muslims, a film accused of blasphemy caused angry protests in Tunisia. The riots were directed against a television station that broadcast to the French-Iranian film “Persepolis.” ,and today they hit the station manger house with rockets and burned it down , Islamists in Tunisia from the violent protests against the broadcast of the Iranian-French animated film Persepolis. “We condemn the violence,” said a representative of the Executive Office of the Islamist party Ennahda,”our ideas in the context of a peaceful and respectful debate to defend.”, but the young men in the streets who had never seen the movie or understand why the image is so artistic and essential in the tale of young child in iran during the revolution , these young people seems to us violence to force their need to dominate even after the station apologies for showing this international awarded classic film , On Friday, thousands in Tunis against the broadcasting of the film demonstrates the Tunisian private TV because God is portrayed as an old, bearded man. For some devout Muslims it is blasphemy to depict God. The moderate Islamist party Ennahda (“rebirth”) war1981 modeled after the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood founded, and later banned until early March of this year has been legalized. It is considered good prospects in the parliamentary elections in October.

The protesters demanded the closing of the private broadcaster Nessma TV, whi... >>>

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