Fariborz L. Mokhtari's Book on The Iranian Schindler and his Homeland in WW2
PersianRealm.com / Fariborz L. Mokhtari

After the invasion of France in 1940 a junior Iranian diplomat, the aristocratic Abdol-Hossein Sardari, more or less accidentally found himself in charge of Iran’s legation in Paris. He set about cultivating German and Vichy officials in order to protect the Iranian Jewish community in the country. In a dangerous but brilliant manoeuvre he met the absurd racial purity laws head-on to claim that despite the fact that some Iranians had followed the teachings of Moses for thousands of years, they had always been of Iranian stock and therefore were ‘Mosaique’ not ‘Juden’. This book includes the Nazi official correspondence seeking ‘expert opinion’ on this troublesome argument!

recommended by Darius Kadivar