Militants Aided by Iran Fired at G.I.’s in Iraq, Officials Say

BAGHDAD — Militants trained and financed by Iran’s
Quds Force attacked United States forces in Iraq on Wednesday, American
officials said, continuing a role they have played in recent years in a
proxy war between the United States and Iran.

The attack came a day after the Obama administration announced that it
had foiled an alleged plot by the Iranian group to assassinate Saudi
Arabia’s ambassador to the United States and to bomb Saudi and Israeli

The militants fired rockets at American forces at Contingency Operating
Station Garry Owen in the southern province of Maysan, which borders
Iran. The military said three soldiers were wounded in the assault at
the station, which has been hit by rockets repeatedly this year as
militants have increased attacks. The military provided few other
details of the attack.

The Quds Force, little known in the United States until the
assassination plot was revealed, is all too familiar to the military,
American military officials here say.

The Shiite militias aligned with the group have killed many Iraqi
civilians and security forces this year. And they have also proved to be
the United States’ most leth... >>>

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