Iran condemns crackdown on U.S. protesters
Tehran Times

TEHRAN – Iran has condemned crackdown on protesters who have been holding street demonstrations across the United States over the past few weeks against the greed of American financial institutions.

“Putting down popular protests in various American cities by the police proves that U.S. officials are intolerant of peaceful protests,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said on Friday.

“The Wall Street crisis is the continuation of the movement, which has emerged in the world as a result of the nations’ awakening, and shows the depth of people’s concern about economic rules and principles governing the U.S. capitalist system,” he stated.

He also expressed concern over the use of violence against the U.S. people, who are staging peaceful protests against the U.S. government’s unjust economic policies and major business and finance corporations’ influence on the U.S. political structure and their involvement in government’s decision-making.

In addition, Mehmanparast said that U.S. government’s wrong policies have created many problems not only for U.S. citizens but also for other nations.

“In our view, the way out of this crisis is paying attention to people’s demand for social justice, U.S. officials’ concentration on the settlement of domestic issues, the withdrawal of U.S. military and security forces from other regions, and using military budget for public expenditures to improve peopl... >>>

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