WikiLeaks: The Election Was "A Power Grab by Mojtaba Khamenei"
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21-Sep-2011 (2 comments)

...days after the election, the US Embassy in London had another high-profile Iranian source claiming Mojtaba Khamenei's responsibility for the Ahmadinejad victory. Writer and broadcaster Alireza Nourizadeh told the American officials, "All his interlocutors in the Moussavi camp believe the entire affair represents a power grab by Mojtaba Khamenei, with tactical and logistical planning for the move going back six months or more. Nourizadeh said he had no direct proof himself of Mojtaba's role but that the Moussavi camp believes Mojtaba's principal allies to be IRGC commander Jafari and Basij commander Hossain Taeb."


Quest for Hereditary Monarchy

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Since the notorious Election Coup, the Islamic Republic has come to resembles North Korea in two respects.  As economic models, both systems are flops.  As political models, both systems gave leaders absolute power and tended to become family fiefs.   Who would prefer to emulate either one?

Anyone can see that Kim Jong-Il doesn’t care a lick about communism or starving people. It’s equally obvious that Khamenei give a damn about Islam, justice, the welfare of the people, etc.  Sayyid's goal is simple and nightmarish: absolute and HEREDITARY monarchy forever under a Khamenei Dynasty.  In both cases, the old concept of "divine right," revived in new guise, justifies horrendous crimes.

Ideology or no ideology, most dictators insist on foisting despised offspring on their subjects.  Let’s assume Mojtaba succeeds his thuggish father.  You can expect widespread public revolt in short order since the prospect is for “more of the same, only worse.”  Yet Daddy is determined. 

Having acquired a well-deserved reputation, Mojtaba would start off far worse than Bashir Assad did initially.  In Iranian percepions, Mojtana is closer to Gamal Mubarek and the Khaddafi boys and closest of all  to Saddam Hussein's two boys.   Murderous Mojtaba is a man viewed with horror for good reasons. 

The Supreme Leader claims to be "Allah's Choice," but Iranians don't believe it.  They know he was chosen by three men (long since betrayed) and and that Sayyid lacks even requisite religious credentials.  Now Iranians are being offered an even Bigger Whopper: it seems that Allah is entranced by LIttle Caligula and any future offspring that may come from the same tainted loins. 

Where is the proof that Allah loves Sayyid Khamenei and offspring?   Iranians have only Sayyed’s word for it.   The Supreme Thug is a man who for decades has "treated" his people to mass censorship, Basilj thuggery. death squads, rigged elections, hated religious police and who ordered the murder, torture and rape of tens of thousands of political prisoners (especially journalists, defense attorneys and human rights campaigners). 

Does anyone believe Allah "wanted" such crimes.    If so,  is he worthy of worship? 


Darius Kadivar

Correction: Illegitimate Hereditary Monarchy ...

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